To Our Valued Members, Guests, and Sponsors,

As we wrap up our greens aeration, I would like to give a grounds update as we head into the season.  First, I would like to thank the grounds crew especially for putting in the effort to ensure the grounds is enjoyed by all.  Mother Nature has provided many challenges, but we have managed to get past these early abnormal challenges which typically occur during the middle season.

Aeration is complete!  The timing is a little late in some opinions, but we took advantage of an aerating tool that will allow the plant to recover quickly but allow root penetration.  The greens are healthy, and we will slowly ramp up the speed in the coming week.

As many of you have seen, Derek and I have spent countless hours tuning up the irrigation system and it is now optimal for what we have to work with.  The lake is extremely low and has potential to create problems as move forward.  Good, timely rains will be needed but rest assured we are ready for these challenges. 

As for the rest of the course, the manicuring, cutting and other daily routines are in full cycle now and the crew is ready.  Please note that the grounds crew has the right of way until 9:00 am daily.  We have many duties to attend to during the day, and allowing this time is critical.

Let’s hope we get back to golfing with friends and in groups after this weekend.  If this is allowed to happen, you will see the progress the golf course has made.

On behalf of the crew, thank you for your support.



Hello Members,

As the 2021 golf season approaches, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year that we won’t soon forget, as it was like no other in recent history.  The year started with optimism as we had a full slate of tournaments, weddings and events planned for the season.  We had completed major renovations to the clubhouse and kitchen and the year looked to be the best on record.  Then, Covid-19 became a reality and changed everything and presented us with significant challenges not only for the golf club, but for our community and society as a whole.  We were forced to pivot and constantly revise our strategy in order to follow strict guidelines put forth by local and provincial governing bodies.  Through it all however, many new golfers emerged and the course became one of the safest places to be during the pandemic and because of that we thrived and still produced record sales overall.  

As we head into the coming year we resume our optimism as we celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary.  A major focus will be on the grounds this year.  During the winter months we have had many volunteers come to scrub out old bush and deadfall from our old nine.  For that we thank you!  You will soon see the work that has been done and once the snow melts you will start to notice other improvements on the grounds which include an aggressive plan to replant many trees on the course.   The equipment fleet was updated last year with two brand new mowers which will produce better results for the turf.  Our grounds team was relatively new last year, and thankfully they will be back for another year.

Chef Becky is back and raring to go.  You have enjoyed her food and inspiration over the past two years and she looks to build on that this year.  Our pro shop will be fully stocked again with many items to commemorate our 100th anniversary as we continue to grow the Killarney Lakeside Golf Club brand. As I am now more involved with PING we will be offering more demo days and opportunities to get people fitted appropriately and continue to enjoy the game.

On a personal note, last year was a challenge on many levels but the passing of my mother was heartbreaking.  With Covid-19 running rampant there was no time to spend at her side as she slipped away.  Many of you shared your condolences, and for that my family and I can’t thank you enough.  In her celebration, I have been coordinating with Pat Law from Minnedosa and the Cancer Society to have a tournament to not only celebrate her life, but the lives of others who have been lost to this terrible disease.

On behalf of the staff, we welcome you to the coming season!  The clubhouse is now open for limited hours.  Please check our website and Facebook page for coming news and promotions.  Here’s to a great season…golf isn’t far away!


Chris Brown
General Manager / Superintendent