Our kitchen is open for business currently from 8 – 8 Thursday to Sunday and we offer home cooked meals at a great value.  We are also offering fresh, homemade pizzas this year!  Here is look at our spring menu.


Baked Mac N’ Cheese Bites

Creamy mac n’ cheese, baked with crunchy batter             $7

Classic Wings

10 Classic wings with choice of dipping sauce (bbq, honey garlic, salt n’ pepper, hot)   $12

Onion Rings

Thick-cut onion rings made from white onions, battered with a blend of spices served with sweet Thai chili   $6

Deep Fried Dill Pickles

6 Deep fried pickles served with house made dilly dipping sauce       $7

Lakeside Platter

A taste of all the above!        $18
(4 Mozza Sticks, 6 Chicken Wings, half
order of Rings and 4 Pickles)



Fries                                        $4.00
Soup with Garlic Bread       $5.00
Side House or Caesar Salad $5.00
Side Poutine                          $6.00
Side Onion Rings                  $5.00


15” Pizza on white or whole wheat crust with our house blend marinara and mozzarella

Signature Lakeside Pizzas

Canuck: Pepperoni, Bacon and Mushroom

Aloha: Ham, Pineapple, and Bacon

3 Little Pigs: BBQ Pulled Pork, Sausage, Bacon

OPA!: Tomato, Green Pepper, Olives, Feta and Balsamic Reduction

** Signature Pizzas $25.95 **

Build Your Own Pizza

Start with choice of crust, tomato sauce and mozzarella, add choice of toppings
** $20 plus each topping **

Veggie Toppings ($2): Tomato, Mushroom, Pineapple, Green Pepper, Olives, Red Onion

Meat Toppings ($2.50):  Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Sausage and BBQ Pulled Pork

Cheese Toppings ($3.50):  Mozzarella, Cheddar and Mozzarella, Feta


— Lakeside Burger —

6oz Homemade Beef Patty Topped with our Secret Burger Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Onion Rings, Lettuce, and Tomato $10.95
*Served with Fries or Soup*
** Only burger $6.95

Add Cheese             $1.00
Add Bacon               $1.50

— Chicken Tenders —

4 Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken Tenders  $12.95
3 Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken Tenders  $10.95
2 Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken Tenders  $8.95

*Served with Fries or Soup*

 *Honey Dill, Sweet ‘n Sour, Honey Garlic, Tangy, BBQ, Sweet Thai Chili, or Tangy Sauce*

** Only 4 Tenders $8.95 **
** Only 3 Tenders $6.95 **
** Only 2 Tenders $4.95 **


Fish ‘n Chips

Two 7 0z Golden ale Battered Alaskan Cod, served with Slaw and Tartar Sauce  $12.95
** 1 Piece of Fish $9.95 **

Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce, Bacon Bits, and Parmesan Cheese, Topped with Crispy Chicken, served with Garlic Toast    $11.95
** No Chicken $9.95 **

Lakeside Poutine

House Fries, Fresh Cheese Curds, Smothered with our Poutine Sauce  $8.95
Add Bacon              
Add BBQ Pulled Pork

Lakeside Family Dinner

A Signature Pizza of your choice, full order of chicken wings, and a large Caesar Salad      $41.95